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Through compelling design or thought-provoking content, a website cannot succeed. It needs to have a style that feeds into your website’s user experience and functionality while being easy to understand at first glance. Here we discuss some useful web design tips that will help you.

Mobile friendly web design


In order to ensure your web design is making a positive impact, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly web design can keep pace with the increasingly mobile world. A mobile-friendly web design work the exact same way across devices.

Use Larger Font Sizes in your web design


Use larger font sizes in your web design, which is one of the best web design tip, such as a minimum font size of 18 points for body text, where it makes sense. Readability on smaller screens, such as mobile devices has played a huge popularity.

Create More Space in your web design


Minimize the amount of clutter in your web designs and include more space around and between elements to help guide your users through your site. Too much clutter in your web design can distract readers and make a website appear overly complicated. So create more space in your web design.

Easy to read website content


Another web design tip is to make the site more readable. If readability is high, users will be able to efficiently scan your site and take in the information without much effort. Don’t use too many font sizes in your web design.

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FUTURE OF WEB DESIGN website design services cochin kerala india, SEO services cochin kerala india, Digital marketing services cochin kerala india

It is necessary to know about current trends and especially web design trends in 2018 in the market. Designers are very much interested in being up to date with the latest news and solutions in the field. The design should be unique. Web designing is so dynamic. Knowledge on cutting-edge trends is very important and makes monitoring of changes that occur. It is a continuous process of gaining new skills and knowledge. Let’s look what are the trends for web design in 2018. We combine the requirements and wishes of the client with modern styles along with the trend in design.  Here are some of the web design trends that will likely become popular.

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Patterns, Lines and Circles; Geometric Shapes

The very trend of using geometric shapes appeared in 2016, which gained its popularity in 2017 and for sure will continue to develop in 2018. It is possible to achieve great results, using mixed forms and patterns on the page. Design and layout appearance is highly appreciated in the design field. Simple and impressive website design can be developed using geometric shapes when integrated creatively. Geometric shapes that can be used while designing a website are circles, squares, hexagons, triangles, and many more to highlight the website content, draw attention on some specific details, improve the entire look and feel of the website, make it look unique, creative and beautiful.

Asymmetrical Grids

The age of perfect symmetry is over. While split screen designs were a big trend in 2017, that perfect half-and-half visual outline is evolving. Designers are splitting the visual elements on the screen with a more asymmetrical grid pattern. To make this concept work, there needs to be a distinct balance of elements so that one side of the design isn’t overpowering. Space and text elements often balance visuals to help draw the eye across the design. And it all comes together because the designs still live on a grid, which helps keep everything organized.

More Bright Color


Design trend that just wants to stick around is using bright colors. Colors transition is amongst the actual and contemporary trends in modern design. Color is a big part of flat design and equally important to Material Design since both concepts are still a part of a lot of projects. Bold colors are eye-catching and can help draw a user into a design. Bright and bold color choices have a fresh feel and appeal to younger users. For websites and companies that might not be known for this tone, these color choices can create an unexpected aesthetic and create a funkier vibe. Add bright colors and declare ourselves boldly! Companies have changed their flat colors to multi-colored gradients and transition ones. This is the 2017 trend and we assume that it will continue to be used in 2018. It is important to mix colors in a right way to avoid flashy colors.

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