Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. It’s a delicate balance of sharing the right things, developing relevant content and effectively communicating with consumers both current and potential.

Whether your favorite network is Facebook, Twitter or Google+, there are certain things you should avoid doing if you want to grow your community and use your social media presence to form relationships.

Here are five common ones that you should immediately try to avoid:


Don’t Take the Bait

We’ve all seen them on every social platform where one can voice their opinion. Some people really just like to complain. Their intent is to upset others and elicit an emotional response.

So when someone posts a nasty or hostile comment regarding your brand, the knee jerk reaction is to call them out and defend your good name.

An angry comment is never personal, and it is for this reason that your response should be rational and positive. So, it is better to use the opportunity to showcase how effectively you can handle the haters and calmly address their grievances.


Don’t Delete Negative Comments and Reviews

When someone posts something less than flattering about your business, it can be tempting to remove it, especially if it’s on your own social media page.

It’s important for people to see how your business handles negativity. So instead of deleting, leave the posts up and reply in a gracious, professional manner that impresses the customers reading it.


Don’t Post Controversial Content

While it’s okay to share your opinion, your business should never post anything controversial or divisive on a business page just to stir up comments or reactions.

The topics or news that could be too controversial—i.e. religion, race, politics is best not to broadcast it all over the internet.

Stay neutral and you won’t have to worry about stirring up negative feedback on your page’s newsfeed.


Don’t Constantly Promote Yourself

While you should share your experiences and the value of your business, products, and services, balance your self-promotion by promoting and helping others.

As a business person, there is a real need to engage with social media marketing to increase brand awareness and encourage customer engagement – not because we are trying to solely increase sales.


Lie or Mislead

Marketing often involves emphasizing the positive features of a product or service without going into the fine detail. However, social media offers a direct channel between businesses and their customers, making it important to always tell the truth.

Misleading the customers is never a good idea, and can not only hurt your reputation, but it can also hurt your brand over the long term.

Social media can be a huge part of a successful marketing campaign. However, even small mistakes can lead to reputation damage, scaring customers away. And avoiding these five activities will get you moving on the right path.


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